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Permitted Development on office to residential conversions here to stay

The government has announced that the relaxed planning surrounding the conversion of offices to residential accommodation which was originally brought in for a 3 year period is now being made permanent.

There is believed to be more than 8 million square metres of office space that is vacant in England which can prove to be a great opportunity for developers and the housing market.

“Here at Premier Guarantee, we thrive in the exciting challenges surrounding refurbishment and conversion schemes, office to residential developments will help supply the UK’s shortage of homes by giving a new lease of life to out of date and even vacant office spaces around the UK” says Sales Director, Glenn Gale.

Things to remember:

  • Commences from 6th April 2016 
  • Proposed changes will have to be completed within 3 years of obtaining the approval.  
  • If you are planning on changing a building in to residential then you will need to supply the local authority with a statement, specifying the net increase in the number of housing units being proposed.
  • Developers need to consider ‘noise impacts’ on new residents from the existing businesses by seeking approval from the local authority.


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