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5 stages to help build and sell

[Guide] 5 Stages to help you build and sell your property

Building and selling a property can seem a long arduous process, sometimes taking years; first getting planning permission, then design and construction and finally selling.


From years of experience working with developers and builders alike, we have seen what it takes to complete a new build and what needs to be considered at every stage.


Understand the different considered stages with our eBook as we discuss the entire life cycle of your development, from Planning to Design, Construction to Selling and through to After-care.


These five aspects of development are all equally important as each other; get one wrong, and it could lead to years of problems for the developer and the eventual buyer. Get them all right, however, and it will result in a beautifully designed and expertly constructed house that will turn into a home for buyers for years to come.


A Developers Guide


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