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Top Tips for Avoiding Failure with Facades

Facade Stats

With such a high percentage of building failures being attributed to their facades during a building’s lifetime we have provided a few key tips to help avoid failure from the outset. Some may seem obvious but are also imperative when deciding on the different elements and installation of the facade.

  • Keep the number of specialist contractors to a minimum.
  • Ensure contracts provide clarity on design responsibilities and scope, with particular emphasis on interfaces.
  • When considering savings that may be offered/proposed at the pre-construction stage, question whether these savings have the potential to generate costs in the longer term (risk assess).
  • Diarise regular design team meetings with all specialist facade contractors present.
  • Engage suitably experienced facade package managers and facade consultants.
  • Test unusual / untried interface details off site.
  • Agree robust QA procedures prior to starting on site.
  • Construct quality and installation reference benchmark areas on site that include examples of both the standard and non-standard details/arrangements.
  • Site test 5% of all interface waterproofing details.

If you have a site registered with us and have any questions relating to facades our Facades Technical Standards Director, Clive Everett, will be able to help.


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