The Amended Regulations only apply to “relevant buildings”. That is defined as below.


a “relevant building” means a building with a storey (not including roof-top plant areas or any storey consisting exclusively of plant rooms) at least 18 metres above ground level and which:


(i) contains one or more dwellings;

(ii) contains an institution; or

(iii) contains a room for residential purposes (excluding any room in a hostel, hotel or boarding house); and


“above ground level” in relation to a storey means above ground level when measured from the lowest ground level adjoining the outside of a building to the top of the floor surface of the storey.

The Amended Regulations state that they apply to England and Wales, although they then state that they do not apply to any building in Wales. Effectively they therefore only apply to buildings in England. They do not apply to other parts of the UK (e.g. Scotland, Northern Ireland).