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COVID-19 - an Update for our Customers


As our industry continues to increase momentum during the current COVID-19 period we too are scaling up our operations to meet the current demand. This includes re-establishing our head office customer service teams and technical support teams and have put together a range of frequently asked questions relating to all areas of the business, please see below.

We trust you will understand why we have taken these measures and we will of course keep you up-to-date with any further developments.

We ask that you take measures to stay safe in the difficult times.


Can I book a warranty site inspection?

Over previous weeks you have been emailing your inspection requests to us which our support teams have been working through to ensure your request is allocated to a technical member of staff to assist you on site as quickly as possible.


From 1st July this service will no longer be available and we ask all new warranty inspection queries be made by contacting our head office number on 0800 107 8446.

Our support teams are there to take your calls, details of your site inspection request and relay this information to our technical teams.


We will continue to deal with all requests received prior to 1st July so if you have previously submitted a request, these will be dealt with in due course.


We are also embracing and integrating new technology into our working practices to enable us to see what is happening on site first hand. Read the full update on our Virtual Tour service here.


Final Inspection Requests
For all final plot inspection requests please include plot / unit numbers and the relevant proposed legal completion dates. If you struggle with 4G coverage onsite please also notify us on your request as this may be required to provide the virtual inspection service.

A range of checklists have been developed to support the risk management of ongoing sites.  

This phased return, alongside our Remote Key Stage Inspection Service and Remote Final Inspection Service allows us to control bringing our surveying force back into full operation over a period of time in line with Government guidance to ensure the safety of all involved to combat the spread of COVID-19. Please remain patient with us as we are doing everything we can to ensure we get out to all customers as quickly and safely as possible.

Here is a link to our Site Operating Procedures Version 4 - 4th September 2020. These have the full backing of our business and will be adhered to by all surveyors preparing to visit site. Should there be any issues in being able to support our surveyors in keeping to our detailed Site Operating Procedures, these need to be addressed and mitigated BEFORE our surveyor attends site.


Are Building Control Inspections taking place?


As a valued Premier Guarantee Building Control customer, we want to reassure you that whilst we are operating with a reduced team, to match current demands, we continue to operate with a home based team. We are using innovative solutions to access our secure systems and continue to provide a full range of plan evaluation and Building Control inspection services.

If you require support on the evaluation of your designs, please continue to use your current contact as we are redirecting where relevant and responding to all emails.

If you require a Building Control inspection or assistance regarding a site issue, please email pgbc.inspections@premierguarantee.co.uk

A member of the Building Control inspection service team will be in touch to discuss the best option to support you and work to ensure your progress is not hampered on site.

Will closing your offices effect service?

All our offices are now closed as we are operating a social distancing policy. All staff are either working remotely from home or already home-based. We anticipate some minor disruption to our telephone service during this time as calls are re-routed but we are confident our plans will minimise the impact to you. You will continue to have access to us via the Extranet and email and ask for your patience and support. Please be aware we will be unable to provide hard copies of any Certification until further notice.

As a key part of our contingency planning to mitigate risk to our employees and our customers, our teams continue to have access to all the technology systems they use day-to-day.


Can I request a quotation for a new site?


Yes, this can be done via our website, by contacting your Account Manager or via our Extranet if you are an existing customer. Applying via our Extranet means that you will benefit for faster quote response times.


Is any remedial work still taking place?


Yes, this is currently continuing as per any schedule of works and we will liaise with all stakeholders on an ongoing basis. We will notify those effected should this position change.


Can I still speak to the Customer Services Team?


Yes. All calls are being redirected to staff mobile phones. We ask for patience while any calls are redirected. Email is the most effective way to contact us during this time.

Please ensure you quote your policy number when contacting our team.


How do I contact my Account Manager?


Our Account Management team will provide support either face to face or by another method, e.g. Skype, phone call or email. Click here for details of your account manager.


Can I still get Building Control, Initial Certificate or Certificates of Insurance?


Yes, these will be continued to be issued by our Customer Services team or can be generated via the Extranet if there is nothing outstanding in relation to the order. Simply email your request and site reference / plot details to customerservice@premierguarantee.co.uk Please note that we are currently unable to provide hard copies or any certification.


Should I continue to submit information via the Extranet?


Yes. To ensure business continuity in these uncertain times, we highly recommend that you use our Extranet to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

How the Extranet can help:

1. New intelligent online quote application form and faster quoting to reduce timescales

2. Issue or print your own Certificates if available or search and respond to any actions which may block Certificates of Insurance from being issued

3. Plot level summary of actions outstanding or documents issued

4. Short cut links to filter any urgent actions related to Plots due to complete to help you prioritise

5. Download all outstanding technical and non-technical actions in Excel format to share with any third parties

6. View, add or update any individual office (except registered office) or employee details and grant Extranet access

7. View technical documents submitted to us and Policy related information issued to you

8. View sites relating to multiple Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) under one Extranet account

Your Account Manager would be happy to provide online demonstrations or training required on the Extranet to you and your team, which also may be useful for anyone who is currently homeworking. These can take place face to face or via conference / video calls or a combination of the two.

Are you still managing Dispute Resolutions, Claims and Remedial works?


Yes. Any new potential claimants will be directed to complete the form here . However, please note that any Dispute Resolution or Claims inspections or new remedial work instructions are delayed until further notice as we have stood down our surveyors from on-site physical warranty inspections during the Covid-19 outbreak for the safety and welfare of our staff and customers.