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Checking your Plans

In the high pressure environment that construction design professionals work in, access to answers is fundamental to success. Having access to good advice on building regulations, building standards and design matters is imperative to the efficiency of the design process, from first principles to construction drawings.


Advance knowledge of high-cost items which will be required to assure compliance is fundamental to budgeting and viability of a scheme, and being able to discuss philosophies at an early stage is a real advantage. Flexibility in approach to achieving compliance is a great advantage, the lack of “tablets of stone” allows for greater design freedom.

Where possible “Type Approval” or similar constructions provides enhanced certainty of early acceptance of aspects of the design and enhanced budget control. On larger schemes, knowing what information is required and when is a great advantage, together with the ability to monitor the progress of that provision.  The separation of items which might influence the design, from those which can readily be resolved on site, saves the design team time in identifying areas of critical importance.

Being able to build close working relations with a small team, increases confidence in the shared knowledge of the team. These are all the principles that our Plan Check team are working towards; work with us to make this happen.

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