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Technical Manual

The Premier Guarantee Technical Manual is accredited by both the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT). The manual has been produced to assist all parties involved in constructing buildings and dwellings in meeting the correct technical requirements.

At Premier Guarantee, we pride ourselves in offering flexible solutions to meet warranty requirements, and although there is substantial guidance within the manual, flexibility can still be maintained.

Technical Manual Version 12 is the latest version available. All Registered Premier Guarantee customers will receive a free hard-copy version of our Technical Manual.

The full version is available view or download when you open the following link: Version 12 of the Premier Guarantee Technical Manual 

The Manual is split into 13 Chapters and is available for download using the links below. 

Chapter 1 - Tolerances

Chapter 2 - Materials

Chapter 3 - Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Chapter 4 - Site Investigation Reports, Geology and Contamination

Chapter 5 - Foundations

Chapter 6 - Substructure

Chapter 7.1 - External Masonry Walls

Chapter 7.2 - Steel Frame

Chapter 7.3 - Timber Frame

Chapter 7.4 - Windows and Doors

Chapter 7.5 - Chimneys

Chapter 7.6 - Balconies

Chapter 7.7 - Cladding

Chapter 7.8 - Roof Structure

Chapter 7.9 - Roof Coverings - Traditional Slate and Tiles

Chapter 7.10 - Roof Coverings - Continuous Membrane Roofing

Chapter 7.11 - Roof Coverings - Green Roof

Chapter 7.12 - Roof Coverings - Metal Deck Roofing

Chapter 8 - Superstructure (Internal)

Chapter 9 - Building Services

Chapter 10 - Finishes

Chapter 11 - External Works

Chapter 12 - Conversion and Refurbishment

Chapter 13 - Developments within Coastal Locations