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High Value Project Warranty

As the size of development projects continue to increase, so does the requirement for higher limit of structural insurance which can be difficult to obtain.

That is why Premier Guarantee has developed a high value scheme offering residential, commercial and mixed use development cover for large single blocks or large scale projects with market leading financial limits €100m+ reconstruction cost (this can be extended subject to referral and backed by 'A' rated insurers). This provides lenders and building owners with the security of knowing that their investment is protected.

Our High Value Structural warranty insurance provides building owners with 10 year protection against defects caused by faults in the design, materials or workmanship in the main structural elements of the property.  This is backed up with all the benefits associated with our standard warranty cover:



  • 10 year Structural Warranty cover: Full protection against losses caused by defects in the design and/or materials and/or workmanship of a property which results in major damage to the structural elements;
  • Cover as standard for additional costs of removal of debris and professional fees;
  • A full risk transfer* policy from year one of cover - even if the contractor ceases trading or enters into administration;
  • Includes protection for underground drainage;
  • Premier Guarantee will settle a valid claim without the insured party being responsible to prove negligence or blame thus avoiding delays in effecting repairs and expensive and protracted legal proceedings. Only proof of defect is needed to make a claim;
  • In the event of a resale, the property owner has the added advantage as the insurance cover is transferable to the new owner;
  • Interested parties in the financing of projects have increased security due to the raising of standards;
  • Confidence that the completed project is being constructed in line with Premier Guarantee’s high technical standards, current EU codes and good building practice;
  • The Premier Guarantee Technical Audit Team will be acting as an independent inspection service to the site so the investor/buyer will be confident that his investment is secured;
  • The limit of indemnity is subject to a 3.50% compound indexation;
  • The insurance premium compared with the premiums of other insurance products and in conjunction to the value of cover and the absorbed risks is seen as negligible as against the total investment of a project;
  • The insurance premium for the Premier Guarantee Latent Defects Insurance scheme is payable in full on completion of the project and simultaneously with the issue of the Certificate of Insurance. It is not repeated on an annual basis like premiums in other insurance branches;
  • Enhancement of the company’s corporate image and reputation as concerns the quality of its developments as the acceptance of co-operation as well as the approval of Premier Guarantee’s Latent Defects Insurance scheme proves that the company develops following high standards of quality;
  • The added value of the Premier Guarantee product will increase the developer’s/contractor’s market share in what is a very competitive market;
  • Reduction of maintenance fees and other obligations towards all completed properties as they have been constructed following our quality standards;
  • A robust marketing tool towards the Sales Department of the company as the cover provides an additional competitive advantage to potential clients in terms of the absolute investment security;
  • Additional cover available for waterproofing of roofs, waterproofing of external walls, waterproofing for basements, alternative accommodation costs and loss of rental income.

* The first 12 months of cover is excluded in respect of claims relating to the waterproof envelope.



  • Competitive Premiums: Our rates are constantly assessed to ensure our quotations are as competitive as possible;
  • Market Leading Policy Coverage: Backed by ‘A’ rated Insurers;
  • Dedicated Account Management: Every Premier Guarantee customer will enjoy professional assistance to help you throughout your application and build process;
  • Free Technical Support: All customers have access to our expert technical advice and guidance, as well as our Technical Manual.