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More than 2,500 builders and developers have joined our register to access to the most comprehensive range of Warranties and Building Control services available and you can join them.

Benefits of joining the register include:

• Free technical advice and a copy of our Technical Manual (worth £49.99)

• Free on-site marketing materials

• Use of Premier Guarantee ‘registered’ logo

• Use of our Extranet

• Access to our free Foundation Depth Calculator

Registration fees for developers and builders:

First time registration fee is £500

Renewal registration fee is £350

Registration lasts for a year and must be renewed during the company’s build and liability periods.

Registration Renewal

Three months prior to your registration expiry date you will receive a renewal notice which we will require you to sign and confirm contact and company details.

First Time Registration

If you are not already registered with us you can register when you compete our application form. Once confirmed you will receive an invoice for your joining fee.