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Your Premier Guarantee New Homes Survey

If you've recently moved into a new-build home or a newly converted home, you could have received a survey form us. This is the Premier Guarantee New Homes Survey which asks you to rate the quality of your new home and the service provided by your builder from reservation of the plot to after you've completed your purchase.

What happens to your feedback?


We run the survey to gather feedback from buyers of new homes. The results are shared with house-builders and the wider industry to help raise standards in all aspects of the building and marketing of new homes. You can choose to reply anonymously if you wish.

For Home Builders Federation (HBF) members, the results may also determine your builder’s annual HBF star rating, so your feedback really does matter to them.

We also provide overall customer satisfaction results to the Consumer Code for Home Builders as part of its monitoring programme. So, when you get your questionnaire by post, email or text, please complete it as soon as possible to make sure you have your say.

Ready to have your say?

If you received your survey request by email or text, please click on the link in the message to go ahead and complete it. Otherwise, if you have a received a letter from us, please click this link and enter your username and password.