Build to Rent Services

Structural warranty and building control services for Build to Rent projects

Unlike a traditional structural warranty which protects the homebuyer, our private rental warranties provide security and protection directly for developers and investors.


Any scheme over 18 metres or over £25m in value are risked managed by our Major Projects Team who have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge at their disposal. Our PRS Consultant works closely with clients and the Major Project Team and our underwriters to ensure we provide the right advice and guidance throughout the development process.


To support transparency when it comes to selecting a structural warranty provider we will issue Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID) for all warranty schemes with any new quotation. View the IPIDs for our PRS Warranty.




Private rental warranties

Premier Guarantee has provided cover for many operational BTR schemes. We provide two types of products for Build to Rent schemes: a traditional structural warranty with a defects insurance period or a commercial style latent defects product with risk transfer from day one but with unprecedented flexibility.


Why choose this cover?


This policy offers you protection during the DIP (defects insurance period) and covers a range of items, including many elements of mechanical and electrical defects and tolerances. It can be extended up to two years.

PRS Select

Why choose this cover?


If you’re a developer or investor comfortable with the initial defects liability provided directly by the builder but you still want the flexibility in later years to change the policy cover should you wish to exit, this is the policy that would best suit your needs.

Want to learn more about our products?

Regardless of development stage and whether you’re a builder, developer or investor, our PRS Consultant, Mike Hobson, can provide useful guidance on the products which may be relevant to your scheme. Get in touch using the form below.


Curated by our Major Projects Team, this training portal has been designed to give you access to guidance on building regulations and warranty standards for tall building construction.


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