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Acceptability of timber frame kits for use on our sites

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Posted on 11/03/2021


From 1 September 2021 we will only be accepting timber frame panels that are deemed accredited in order to ensure high standards of consistency and uniformity.


Gaining accreditation


Our technical requirements ask for such timber frame wall panels to be ‘accredited’ to:


  • STA Silver or Gold standard, or
  • BM TRADA Qmark, or
  • CATG – Frame Mark


(Note: a standard membership of one of the above is not identified as being ‘accredited’.)


Other requirements of accreditation:


  • an ISO 9001 quality control system needs to be in place for the materials supply, design and manufacture of the frame
  • trained and competent installers are also expected to erect the frames


We have noted that a number of manufacturers have chosen not to seek accreditation and do not have adequate ISO 9001 systems in place.


Why is this important?


From a warranty perspective, as there is no current harmonised standard for timber frame kits, the need for a recognised industry standard accreditation for the manufacture of timber frame panels is vital to ensure they are constructed to a consistent standard to meet our Technical Manual.


This benefits the industry and the end user – giving peace of mind to the homeowner.


The transition period


Where a project is to be submitted for our warranty, we are introducing a transition period from now until 1 September 2021, to allow timber frame manufacturers to either:


  • attain accreditation to one of the above acceptable levels, or
  • be in the process of gaining accreditation and provide evidence of such (we will require application to be completed within an agreed period on a case-by-case basis and no later than 31 December 2021)


As part of that accreditation, an ISO 9001 quality management system for the materials supply, design and manufacture will need to be in place by 1 September 2021 by all manufacturers.


Following the transition period


After 1 September 2021, we will only accept new projects for warranty application that have timber frame panels by an ‘accredited’ manufacturer or have been assessed by the Warranty Innovations Team as acceptable as meeting our Technical Manual requirements (which will include having an ISO 9001 quality management system in place, as mentioned above).


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