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Introducing the 2016 Excellence Awards


Following on from another successful year last year, the Premier Guarantee Excellence Awards are back, giving you a chance to stand out in the industry and showcase your quality builds!


The post-war blitz party theme made the 2015 Awards ceremony very different to that of the previous year’s Japanese theme event which was held on the 38th floor of Heron Tower at Sushi Samba. Guests were blown away by the authentic touches of the WWII Blitz which were apparent in the build up to the day and continued during the afternoon with the quirky brick arches of the venue, swing music, dancers and ration style menu.


So as you may have already guessed, at Premier Guarantee, we dare to do things differently and don’t conform to the usual format of such industry events. Our guests never know what to expect, each year the feedback we receive emphasises our reasons for putting in the extra effort to deliver a truly unique experience.


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Do you want to be part of this year's Excellence Awards? Speak to your Risk Management Surveyor for more information...