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The 10 Best Apps for Builders & Architects

By Sam May In Industry News

Technology is changing every industry. The construction industry in particular is becoming increasingly smart at a rapid rate. Now, construction sites and workers are benefitting from the use of drones, 3D printers, virtual reality, and smart devices. Builders and architects are amongst those within the construction industry who reap the benefits of today’s modern world.


As a result of the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, more builders and architects are turning their iOS and Android devices into offices, using construction-related apps that provide helpful tools, which help to make their day jobs much easier. As the industry is booming, there are so many apps out there to choose from, so to make your life easier, we have listed the top 10 apps for builders and architects in this blog.


  1. SmartBidNet


This iPhone app is one of the most powerful for builders. The all-in-one bid management system provides easy access to important information, allowing you to create a bid and track it safely, as it moves along the line with subcontractors and firms.


  1. Autodesk A360


Gone are the days where CAD files were not accessible on your phone. Now, with this app, these drawings can be opened anywhere, anytime. As well as this, you can also navigate large-scale models, review designs, measure dimensions and areas, view and upload 2D and 3D drawings, regardless of which software you used to create them, and track projects.


  1. FingerCAD


This CAD application allows you to create detailed, technical drawings using nothing but your fingers. Final designs created on the app can be saved and printed or sent electronically via email.


  1. Metric Concrete Calculator


This easy-to-use app allows you to quickly and easily calculate how much concrete you will need for your project. Each calculator on the app provides an exact amount, as well as a recommended order amount while accounting for waste, spillage, over-excavation, settlement, spreading of forms, loss of entrained air or any other changes in volume.


  1. MagicPlan


Using augmented reality and your device’s camera, MagicPlan brings floor plans to life. The floor plans you create can be adjusted in a single tap; you can add objects, photos, annotations, product price lists, tasks, and taxes.


  1. Truckast


Ordering concrete has never been simpler. Now, you can do it straight from your phone or tablet. Plus, you can also track delivery times and create a record of how much concrete has been laid, and how much more is on its way to you.


  1. Paper


As the winner of Apple’s App of the Year in 2012, Paper is favoured by architects around the world. As an app, Paper provides a blank canvas to work from, as well as an unlimited number of virtual sketchbooks. According to the makers of the app, over 25 million people have discovered their personal creative space in Paper.


  1. Graphisoft BIMx


As a multi-award winning app, BIMx bridges the gap between the design studio and construction site, allowing for team collaboration through the cloud, captivating virtual reality through its compatibility to Google Cardboard VR, and much more.


  1. Roofing Calculator


The ultimate tool for builders involved in making timber roofing structures. Simply enter the work area details and the app will calculate how many shingles, squares, and bundles you will need for the particular job.


  1. CoConstruct


The best rated cloud-based software. This app allows remodelers and housebuilders to sell more projects and run them better with built-in features to help with the management of teams, clients, projects, and budgets in one consolidated place. According to the app, it could shave 30 minutes off your day.


We hope this list has helped to narrow down your decisions on which apps to download. Each app listed in this blog has unique features that have been created to ease the working lives of architects and builders alike. Have you given any of these apps a try? If not, grab your smart phone to see if they make a difference to the way in which you carry out your work.