resource hub | Your Structural Warranty and Building Control under one roof

Your Structural Warranty and Building Control under one roof


A combined approach can help reduce time and money... 


No one wants to over complicate things, including us! So that’s why our Building Control service has been modelled to work in collaboration with our warranty schemes, streamlining the entire process to potentially save you both time and money on your residential, mixed-use or self-build projects. Sounds simple enough, here’s how it works…


How does it work?


On registering your site with us for our combined service, you will be assigned a dedicated Risk Management Surveyor who will be primarily responsible for both your Warranty and Building Control inspections. We have a dedicated Design review team who can offer their support in ensuring your schemes meet the Regulations. Our design reviews support the Site Surveyor team who will work with your Site management team in their aim to bring your scheme to a satisfactory conclusion. This normally allows all plan checks for your warranty inspections and Building Control to be dealt with simultaneously, significantly reducing time and effort. It will also help to improve the stage approval process and may ultimately reduce your overall cost.


If you need greater support for larger or more complex builds, we can give you additional guidance and resource via our Surveyor network and in-house team.


By combining our services, you can be sure that you will be hitting above and beyond what is expected of you from compliance with Building Regulations. We cannot ask them to exceed the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations as part of the BC process, if you want to keep this statement it will have to refer to Warranty only;


Consultancy based service


From design stages to completion, your Surveyor or project team will support you through the build process using our tested risk management approach that will not only reduce the risk of costly defects but help you comply with Building Regulations.


In addition, you will be able to:


  • Use our free Initial Notice submission and potentially save money.
  • Adapt the inspection plan to the needs of your site through our tailored regime.
  • Advise on methods of compliance with our plan checking service under CICAIR rules we cannot design it for them
  • Save time by electronically submitting drawings and project information


As registered Approved Inspectors, Premier Guarantee is able to offer you expert guidance on  ways of achieving compliance with the Building Regulations, both during the design and construction phases.


Clients using combined Warranty and Building Control provision benefit from a combined design review covering both areas therefore reducing potential conflicts of interpretation between separate professionals.


On major schemes, we are available to attend Design Team meetings to discuss principles of achieving our requirements, thus facilitating your design process.


We work with you, not against you...