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Structural Warranty Experts

The concept of a structural warranty or latent defect insurance is about protecting you or your company against risk. The risk of damage or a defect occurring in a property you are building, buying or selling for 10 years from completion, which may be costly to repair or could cause reputational damage.


With 20 years experience in the market, Premier Guarantee has become the one of the leading experts and providers of Structural Warranties in the European market.

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We provide strategic Structural Warranty solutions for a wide range of industry stakeholders. Select from the below for more info

Finding The Right Warranty for You

We have a range of warranties to suit your project needs. Select from the below products for more information.

How It Works

1. Complete the warranty application form

2. Review and accept quotation

3. Flexible Technical Audit site inspection process

4. Certificate of Insurance issued per unit once approved

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