Our Surveying Process

We pride ourselves in working alongside design and site management teams in guiding the project to ensure compliance with current building standards. We are always prepared to review novel ways of meeting the functional requirements and achieve compliance.

How our surveying process works

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Risk analysis undertaken by Premier Guarantee is the systematic methodology and on-going process by which occurrences that may substantially affect the quality of the final project can be identified, quantified, modeled, managed, monitored and reduced. The aim of Premier Guarantee is to maintain a normal risk for the insurer. The application of risk management procedures in Premier Guarantee can give early visibility to potential “problem areas”. Early risk identification ensures that design and team effort is concentrated at critical areas.


We start working on all issues of your project well before the commencement of building works (Design Audit) and continue our surveying and risk assessments all the way through up to completion of all works (Site Audit).

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We have a dedicated team of specialists who review your designs and provide reports based on constructive advice on meeting the requirements of the building regulations. Our design review team offer a vast pool of experience across all aspects of construction and are ably supported by our in-house structural engineers.


The advantage of having the dedicated design review team is that they are readily available for consultation on design issues, as opposed to having surveyors covering on-site work and plan reviews. Where appropriate we can attend initial design team meetings to discuss design philosophies and their effect on compliance. If necessary our Design Review team are supported by specialist consultants to offer them advice on Fire Engineering submissions and Cladding on high rise structures.


Our design review reports have specific sections aimed specifically at the design and site management teams. This has the advantage of the design team not being bogged-down with minutiae which can be more readily resolved on site. Our advice is to support the principal designer and their team in ways of achieving compliance, as we are not designers.

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Our regionally based site surveying team (Technical Auditors) are also highly skilled in the monitoring of work on site and aim to support the project and site management teams in ensuring compliance with the building regulations. They will meet with the site management team at the earliest opportunity to discuss the scheme and determine the appropriate regime of construction review to suit your intended program.


During site visits, our Technical Auditors will bring items of concern to the attention of the project management team, who can then discuss resolutions with the principal designer or the site management team. Following site visits our Technical Auditors will prepare a report which will highlight any areas of construction which require further consideration by the principal designer and/or the site management team for the scheme.


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