Product Approval

Are your products and systems approved?

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are being used in the construction industry particularly for housing as they potentially represent savings in time and materials, as well as higher standards of quality over more conventional methods of construction. Construction methods which cannot meet the requirements of our Technical Manual must be approved in advance by us early at the design stage and well before commencement on site. Modern methods of construction, products or systems that have third party approval will still need to be structurally approved on a site by site basis depending on the layout and loading of the component. Thermal properties and measure to prevent condensation will also require specific assessment depending on exposure, orientation etc. You should always check conditions of use with the manufacturer. Contact us for more information on the approval process.

Benefits of being approved

Our approval process is one of the most robust in the Structural Warranty market. It audits manufacturers on design, quality control, assembly, transportation and onsite construction, giving Developers and lenders the confidence and trust in the approved product.

Being approved by Premier Guarantee:

  • Wider Product Visibility

    Enable your approved products to be used by over 2000 Premier Guarantee clients.

  • Quality Assurance

    Assure our clients that your approved product and system will perform to a consistently high quality standard and remain durable for a minimum of 60 years.

  • Customer Confidence

    Allow you to promote yourself as an approved system provider giving your customers the confidence to use your products and/or systems.

how to apply?

To discuss a product or system approval application email our team: