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For nearly 50 years, Redrow have been creating high quality homes and communities for customers, building over 100,000 homes across the country.


Learn more about their award winning site, Stone Hill Meadow.

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We spoke to Redrow about their latest project, and what it's been like working with Premier Guarantee.


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Stone Hill Meadow






111 houses



At a Glance

Redrow’s Stone Hill Meadow site in Lower Stondon was the first of its kind for more than one reason.


First, it was the first site in the country to put air source heat pumps into all of its homes.


Second, it was the first no gas site for Redrow after they became the first major developer to commit to not using gas.


Stone Hill Meadow isn’t just noteworthy for its firsts however. It’s also worthy of recognition for its quality. So much so that it won a Quality Recognition Award from Premier Guarantee recently.


Here, we speak to Project Manager Hedley Jackson about the work that goes into Redrow’s beautiful homes, their commitment to energy efficiency and plans for the future


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Redrow prides itself on creating a better way to live for its customers by building homes that are better by design with future-proof floor plans and superior specifications.

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Hedley Jackson, Project Manager

Put simply, the name Redrow brings to mind high quality homes. Of course, a lot of work goes into achieving this. Can you tell us a bit about how Redrow are able to continue to hit these high standards?

We have industry leading inspection platforms and intranet systems. Quality is monitored and checked at every build stage on a daily basis. These inspections include: foundations, substructure and drainage, superstructure, joists and flooring, roof, first fix carpentry, plumbing and electrics, wet trades, pre-paint, finals, followed by customer service manager and area build manager inspections and finally a CML handover inspection.

We can only invite Premier Guarantee into our inspections once all of the items are complete and ready. To meet our high-quality standards, we only use quality materials which are sourced from key suppliers nationally.


Your Stone Hill Meadow site recently won a Quality Recognition Award from Premier Guarantee. How important is it for your sites to be recognized like this by industry peers?


Redrow prides itself on creating a better way to live for its customers by building homes that are better by design with future-proof floor plans and superior specifications.
I personally like to be recognised for the efforts that I, and the entire site team, strive to achieve daily. House building is a very competitive industry that is driven by quality to achieve happy customers.



This is the first site in the country to be putting air source heat pumps into all homes. Can you tell us a bit more about this and how important such an undertaking is?

We are committed to further improving the energy efficiency of our homes while maintaining our reputation for best in class build quality and design. We know how important energy efficiency is to our customers and we’re proud to be investing in newer, greener technology and leading the way by offering these energy efficient features. This will provide the opportunity for our customers to reduce their costs and carbon footprint simultaneously.
The move to air source heat pumps will also ensure our future homes are ‘zero-carbon ready’ for when the grid is decarbonised and supports our goal of achieving science-based net-zero emissions no later than 2050 across our operations, homes and supply chain.


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It has been a pleasure working with Hedley and the site team at the Stone Hill Meadow development. The quality of the homes being built has been excellent and consistent from the onset. I look forward to continuing working with Hedley and the team as the site progresses.

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Billy Madden, Risk Surveyor

As new regulations - including FLOS – become everyday realities for builders, how important do you think it is to have experts like Premier Guarantee surveyors and inspectors by your side throughout the build process?

Our Premier Guarantee inspector has been very helpful with reminders of what is expected and when the new FLOS requirements will affect the site. It's fantastic to work with the building inspector at Premier Guarantee as he is just as passionate as we are in helping to deliver premium homes.


In keeping with this collaborative spirit, how was your experience working side-by-side with Premier Guarantee?

We have a great professional relationship that is based on excellent communication. We feel very supported by our building inspector who visits us on site and provides knowledgeable advice.


Where were the biggest challenges you faced on this site? How did you overcome them?

Stone Hill Meadow is one of the first Redrow developments to have air source heat pumps and ground floor underfloor heating as standard, so there were a number of changes that needed to be implemented.

Early meetings and consultations were undertaken with our chosen ASHP provider and our contractors to ensure a smooth build process.

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It has been a pleasure to work with Redrow on this scheme, from the original set up of the policy to presenting their recent Quality Recognition Award on site. This is an outstanding site and the quality of their homes are impressive

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Anna Bradnock, Account Manager

What do you love most about building homes?

I enjoy meeting our customers at our hard hat tours. These meetings are undertaken when the plot is at first fix stage of the build. It’s a fantastic way to interact with our customers and to demonstrate the quality of workmanship that goes into constructing their new home.
This meeting is usually the first time our customer has entered a construction site and is an exciting experience for them. It's also an opportunity for both the site team and our customers to ensure all the customer extras are correct and ordered to their needs and requirements.


What does the future look like for Redrow as you continue to strive for greater heights?

I'm passionate to work for Redrow and have personally witnessed the company grow over the years that I have worked for them. The technology that we have available is a great aid. It enables us to send customer videos when inviting them for tours and iPad software that enables plot stage inspections to be completed meticulously.
Our customers can log onto our IT systems after reservation and up until roof stage is complete for choices updates and additional purchases should they wish to do so. Personally, I am looking forward to a long standing relationship with a highly successful developer and credited employer.

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