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Consumer Code for Home Builders

Adhering to a home-building Code of Practice: what’s changed?

One of the benefits of your registration with Premier Guarantee is that it automatically gives you
membership of the Consumer Code for Home Builders (CCHB). Membership of the code provides your
buyers with additional protection through an independent dispute service.

Recently an alternative consumer code, independent of Premier Guarantee, has been launched. The New
Homes Quality Code (NHQC) is a voluntary code of practice giving buyers access to redress through their
appointed New Homes Ombudsman.

As a result, we are updating our Rules of Registration so that should you choose to join the NHQC you can continue to work with Premier Guarantee.

It remains a requirement of our warranty service that you adhere to a code of practice: either through
membership of the CCHB or via “active” registration with the NHQC.


Builders and developers are free to choose which codes they wish to comply with. You are under no
obligation to switch codes.



Learn more about the codes

Consumer Code for Home Builders resources


The following links are also available to help house builders comply with the Consumer Code for Home Builders:



For further information on the Consumer Code for Home Builders, visit www.consumercode.co.uk.


If you feel you would like to make a claim under the Code, please contact us on 0800 107 8446.


Home builder guidance/training

A free comprehensive training course is available for house builders to provide guidance on how you can ensure you provide a service in line with the requirements of the Code for Home Builders.


The course will take no longer than an hour to complete and is a process of individual learning and self-accreditation – leading to a partner-endorsed CPD Certificate of Achievement.