Product Approval

Are your products and systems approved?

As part of our warranty application process, developers and builders must ensure that the products and systems they use on site are approved by us in line with the requirements of our Technical Manual. Using products and systems that are not approved by Premier Guarantee may lead to lengthy delays on-site and could result in the development being rejected for structural warranty cover. Our product and system approval process has been developed to help manufacturers gain accreditation under our technical requirements, allowing them to be promoted as an approved system provider, giving customer’s confidence in using their products and systems on sites registered with Premier Guarantee.

Benefits of being approved

Our approval process is one of the most robust in the Structural Warranty market. It audits manufacturers on design, quality control, assembly, transportation and onsite construction, giving Developers the confidence and trust in the approved product.

Being approved by Premier Guarantee:

  • Wider Product Visibility

    Enable your approved products to be used by over 2000 Premier Guarantee Registered Developers and Builders throughout the UK.

  • Quality Assurance

    Assure our clients that your approved product and system will perform to a consistently high quality standard and remain durable for a minimum of 60 years.

  • Customer Confidence

    Allow you to promote yourself as an approved system provider giving your customers the confidence to use your products and/or systems.

how to apply?

To discuss a product or system approval application give our team a call on 0800 107 8446 or email