Structural Warranty

what is a structural warranty?

The concept of a 10 year structural warranty or latent defects insurance is about protecting you or your company against risk. The risk of damage or a defect occurring in a property you are building, buying or selling for 10 years from completion, which may be costly to repair or could cause reputational damage. A structural warranty will insure your against structural defects and rectify these if they do occur. Additional covers like waterproofing and alternative accommodation costs are optional.

How our cover can help you

We work with a panel of leading insurers to bring you the most comprehensive Structural Warranty cover in the market. With over 20 years’ experience we have become one of the largest warranty providers in the European market.

Attract sales

The cover provides an additional competitive advantage to potential clients in terms of the absolute investment security

Onsite support

Receive onsite and technical support/guidance throughout your build


Feel secure knowing that the policies covering your developments are backed by 'A' rated insurers.


Unlike other providers who use one policy to cover all development types, we have a comprehensive range of cover tailored to specific schemes. All our Structural Warranties can be used individually or together for mixed use projects. Take a closer look to find out more.

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