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Health & Safety Report Identified Decline in Scaffolding Accidents

Findings from the NASC 2018 Safety Report has revealed a reduction in scaffolding incidents, with no major injuries for the fifth year in a row.


The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) accounts for a large share of the UK’s total industry workload. Each year, they publish their Annual Safety Report, which is based on logging and analysing accidents and injury statistics for its contracting members, representing over 16,000 scaffolding operatives in the UK. The latest report, based on 2017 data, was recently published and revealed that the scaffolding incidents have reduced, indicating that the industry is becoming safer. In this blog, we provide a full breakdown of the key facts and figures from this year’s report to showcase what has changed.


Results from this year’s Safety Report by the NASC is representative of how the safety measures in place are taking effect. To illustrate, the number of major injuries recorded by members in 2017 totalled 17 and was down by 37% from 2016. Also, reportable accidents totalled just 89 in 2017, down from 96 in 2016.


For the fifth year in a row, there were no fatal injuries, with a further 46% reduction in falls from height and 36% reduction in manual handling injuries yearly. Also, no members of the public were injured around NASC scaffolds in 2017.


Further key findings can be found below:


  • No fatal injuries
  • 17 major injuries – lowest on record, reduced from 27 in 2016
  • 89 reportable accidents – lowest on record, reduced from 96 in 2016
  • 5.41% incidence rate – lowest on record, reduced from 5.65 in 2016
  • 46% reduction in falls from height
  • 36% reduction in manual handling injuries
  • Three falls from ladders – reduced from 5 in 2016
  • Highest reported fall was from 4m – reduced from 5m in 2016
  • Zero members of the public injured


NASC president and CEO of TRAD Group, Des Moore, had the following to say.


“The 2018 Safety Report shows how workplace accidents can be reduced through compliance with industry safety standards and adherence to NASC guidance.


“It is particularly pleasing to look at how far our members have come in just the past five years, with the number of reported incidents having fallen 34% from the 2012 figure and the incidence and frequency rates both down by more than 40%.”


Although results from this year’s Safety Report are positive, there is more work to be done. However, we’re looking forward to seeing how the scaffolding industry improves further and develops throughout the year, which will again be highlighted in the NASC 2019 Safety Report.

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