System Acceptance

Is your innovative system accepted?

As part of our warranty application process, developers and builders must ensure that the systems they use on site are accepted by us in line with the requirements of our Technical Manual. Using systems that are not approved by Premier Guarantee may lead to lengthy delays onsite. Our system acceptance has been developed to help manufacturers gain accreditation under our technical requirements, allowing them to be promoted as an accepted system provider, giving customers confidence in using their systems on sites registered with Premier Guarantee.

Our acceptance process

  • 1. Initial Triage

    We will undertake an initial triage to ascertain whether the system broadly meets our performance standards. If it does not, we will provide feedback on why and how to overcome it.

  • 2. Detailed Review

    If the system is considered suitable to proceed as an application, a detailed review of the submitted system/documentation can commence, subject to the fee being paid.

  • 3. Factory Inspection

    If stage two is successful, a factory inspection will take place. If we are satisfied with your system it will be issued with a provisional acceptance for an initial test site.


    An initial trial site will need to be assessed, which is registered with Premier Guarantee for warranty purposes. The developer will need to show that the system can be constructed to meet our technical requirements. Once this site has shown that the system can achieve this, it will gain a full system acceptance. This will be limited to one year and will require renewal (due to changes in technical requirements and legislation, we have to ensure that the system design intent is maintained and meets current legislation).

Case Study - The Wee House Company

Read how modular housing developers, The Wee House Company, have been working with Premier Guarantee for system acceptance.

The modular homes of The Wee House Company

How to apply

To discuss a system acceptance application give our team a call on

0800 107 8446 or email

Premier Guarantee acceptance does not constitute a third party product approval from a UKAS accredited testing body or any form of building regulation approval. The Premier Guarantee acceptance is purely to recognise that the system/product can meet our warranty requirements and must not be considered to be anything else.