By specialising in high rise, master plan and complex schemes which have a reconstruction value of £25 million or greater, we felt we needed to provide a level of cover which exceeded the historical industry standard cover limit of £25 million. As such, we have previously insured individual blocks for the full reconstruction value of £150 million and have the potential for insuring for more. 


Alongside the cover is a tailored technical risk management service offering expert guidance on cladding, roofing and basements.


Our High Value Scheme provides 10 or 12 years’ protection against structural defects on open market, private rental, social housing and commercial projects with our specific policies.


For more information view our warranty overview.


To support transparency when it comes to selecting a structural warranty provider we will issue Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID) for all warranty schemes with any new quotation. View the IPIDs for our High Value Warranty.

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Why work with us?

Throughout each construction phase you will be guided through our technical standards so you and our insurers are satisfied with the final product.

Early Design Review

The early design review is an integral part of the process. It allows our technical team to review your designs at proposal stage. This ensures your designs are compliant before construction begins, minimising site delays.

Tracking your progress

A tracker is used throughout construction for you to keep up to date with inspections, including a checklist for what must be completed onsite. This has proven to minimise site delays and keep projects on track.


Years of experience in complex, high value and high rise construction projects has enabled us to develop a team confident in working with innovative designs and materials. Our aim is to provide a pragmatic and quality driven approach in partnership with your design and build team.

Major Projects Manager

The Major Projects Manager is the central point of contact throughout the project and will ensure your design achieves the requirements for the warranty. They take responsibility for the design review, coordinating all in-house specialists and ensuring the most up to date knowledge is applied to all scenarios.

Major Projects Surveyor

Major Projects Surveyors undertake the majority of site inspections due to their level of experience and competency in high value, complex schemes. They work closely with the Major Projects Manager and provide reports to your team on the status of the project and any conditions that need to be resolved.

Key Warranty Benefits

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