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Curtain Walling: Warranty Standards and Guidance

Webinar Overview


Although curtain wall cladding has many advantages, if designed or constructed incorrectly you can run into a host of problems ranging from condensation, staining, water leakage and falling trim covers. In this lesson we'll cover the basics of curtain walling, helping you understand the warranty standards that need to be achieved in the design and installation of this cladding type, with guidance on how to reach standards and achieve a quality end product.


Presentation Breakdown


The presentation is broken down into 5 segments:


  • 00:33 - What is curtain walling?
  • 03:11 - Types of curtain wall framing systems
    • Ladder systems
    • Stick systems
    • Unitised systems
    • Structural systems
  • 13:41 - Design calculations
  • 14:20 - Facade accommodation of building movement
  • 20:24 - Waterproofing and Testing



Ben Smallwood - Major Projects Business Development Manager Ben Smallwood - BSc (Hons) C Build E MCABE CSSW MCIOB. 


Major Projects Business Manager, Premier Guarantee


Ben is an experienced, Chartered Building Engineer and a qualified Building Surveyor who partners with some of largest and renowned Construction Companies in the UK to help them navigate and solve regulation based construction problems for high value schemes.

After working on a number of internationally recognised and complex buildings, Ben is dedicated to supporting project teams achieve their design aims and helping generate options to help solve even the most complicated technical issues.










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